Mortal Online 2 would like to take you on a date through its scenic sewer system


What’s your favorite Christmas color? If you answered “blood red,” then get thee hence to the gore-soaked battlegrounds of Mortal Online 2, where a December update just landed.

As might be expected, a holiday romp through a sewer system is involved, as the team opened the sewers of Morin Khur for exploration. Other changes include an update to human clade gifts, cheaper bounty contracts, improved AI pathing, and the reintroduction of fall damage on top of other characters.

The patch also changed up how the game handles AFK flags: “Improvements have also been made to the automatic kick that occurs when a client has an unstable connection. The performance of the game client will no longer affect the detection system. This should reduce instances where players with weaker machines were getting kicked due to the game stalling while loading the world during play.”

Mortal Online 2 is 25% off on Steam through December 12th, meaning that you can pick it up for $30 if you move quickly.

Source: Steam
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