World of Warcraft kicks off Dragonflight Season 1 next week with a new raid and world bosses


For all of those World of Warcraft players who gunned to the endgame in the first couple weeks of Dragonflight, they won’t be left wanting for the rest of the month. In fact, next week on December 12th, WoW officially starts its first season of the expansion.

The crown jewel of this release is the opening of the Vault of the Incarnates raid. This eight-boss cross-faction instance will be only available to normal groups initially, but in the following weeks the raid finder will open up the three wings to the rest of the public.

Season One also adds four new world bosses across the Dragon Isles, a Mythic+ dungeon rotation (which includes some instances from previous expansions), the “Thundering” seasonal affix, and a new PvP season with the associated rewards.

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