World of Warships continues celebrating the holidays with gifts, contests, and a free week of premium


The spirit of giving is being felt pretty significantly by World of Warships this year. A number of Christmas-themed events have landed in the online naval battler, from missions to contests to just straight-up free stuff.

The game is handing out all sorts of stuff over the course of December, including a stipend of seven days of premium access, along with a mega-mission that grants additional goodies like three more days of premium access; a bunch of Santa’s Gifts waiting in the Armory and in the Premium Shop; and a screenshot contest for a gift bundle and seasonal currency that’s going on now.

Of course, there’s also the headline event of the Carol Clash we previously reported on that pits two teams against one another, but for those who are looking for even more free goodies, WOWS certainly appears to be in the giving mood.

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