See how Lord of the Rings Online’s map expanded over 15 years


How big does an MMORPG grow when you put 15 years of continual development into it? You can see for yourself, as a Lord of the Rings Online fan Dolmande created a video that shows how the actual in-game landmass grew from its 2007 launch through mid-2022. It’s utterly fascinating to see how the game world fills out and how different regions are eventually connected together.

In other LOTRO news, patient players waiting for the Curator should be aware that she’s returning on December 24th with all of those extra-special rewards to purchase. The Curator will stick around until January 3rd.

And if you were hoping that the landscape difficulty slider would be making its way to live servers… don’t hold your breath. “We are definitely not in the process of adding the legendary world landscape difficulty to the regular game worlds, sorry if conversations on the subject led to that conclusion,” said the game’s community manager.

The expansion of LOTRO’s map from april 2007 to april 2022 from lotro

Source: Reddit, LOTRO, 2
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