SWTOR celebrates 11 years, teases cadence changes, and tests 64-bit client


BioWare’s Keith Kanneg posted a dev blog for Star Wars The Old Republic players last night to celebrate the game’s 11th birthday. He recaps the Legacy of the Sith expansion that finally launched at the top of the year all the way through the launch of the 7.2 update earlier this month. He even gently touches on the “team changes” – i.e., the departure of SWTOR veteran Charles Boyd – and teases the future:

“Eric and the design leads have been working together to build upon and in some areas rebuild internal processes and plans that impact the cadence of content. Take it from me that game development is more than putting pieces of code together and then pushing it live. Building, testing, and polishing take time, and the plans this team is putting together are coming to fruition, beginning with 7.2. We will have more to share and what all of this looks like early next year.”

Meanwhile, BioWare has opened the PTS for the testing of the game’s 64-bit client; the studio says it’ll improve the client’s memory handling, streamline content creation for the team, and future-proof the game. There’s no new content to test, just the 64-bit experience itself. “Please be on the lookout for crashes or anything that seems different,” the team writes. “There are thousands of permutations of processor, memory, graphics card, etc. We’re especially on the hunt for issues that show up with specific configurations. We are aware of a known issue currently with trees and foliage as they will look broken or be completely invisible.”

Source: Dev blog, PTS
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