Warhammer Online’s Return of Reckoning server brings back Keg End and introduces a new scenario


The rogue server for Warhammer Online isn’t letting this year exit without one final drunken bash. Keg End kicked off in Return of Reckoning with fights among the Dwarven strongholds of the realm and will last until January 6th. The dev team said that it decided to focus on the newer cities released last year and have included new fireworks and cosmetics.

And if that’s not enough hard work from these volunteers, Return of Reckoning also introduced a brand-new scenario called The Old Dwarf Road. This was apparently the final scenario recovered from the old WAR, originally called Black Fire Pass.

“This scenario is a battle for control over three shrines commemorating dwarfen High Kings who had key moments in dwarf-human relations. They were built along the Old Dwarf Road, an ancient trade route that once connected Karaz Ankor to the elven Old World colonies, as it passes through Black Fire Pass. Battle for control over the three shrines as you secure this key position along Black Fire Pass.”

Source: Press release, official site
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