Ashes of Creation wraps up a ‘crazy year of growth’ with a bigger team and new offices


Capping off what it deemed a “crazy year of growth,” Ashes of Creation’s dev team wrapped up 2022 with a reflective video hosted in its new office suite. Not only did Intrepid get new digs for its project, but the studio doubled its team size over the past year to flesh out the different departments while maintaining the vision and comradery that it had when it was much smaller.

“Twenty-twenty-two was a very different pace of year for our updates,” said Creative Lead Steven Sharif. “You guys got to see each month significant progress, and that comes in part due to the company scaling. As development continues, these things will ramp in a very vertical way.”

Some of the highlights from the past year include the Alpha One test, the improved character creator, seasons for environments, the new world map of 1200 square kilometers, and a gathering overhaul.

And speaking of the increased team size, Intrepid used a good chunk of the livestream to introduce fans to the many developers working on the MMO. Give it a watch:

Source: YouTube
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