Dune Awakening’s art parade continues with in-engine previews of locations and dangers

Spoiler alert: Sandworms are a thing


Before Dune: Awakening decided to share a trailer at the Game Awards, most of the previews fans were getting out of the game were in concept art format. That looks to continue heading into the new year, only this time the location for new previews fall under a new section of the game’s spiffing new website. And this time around, the previews are in-engine.

Among the in-game looks we see pictures of ornithopters, a looming heighliner, a look at some form of mysterious underground stations, and some fancy vista shots. Also there’s a sandworm. There’s always a sandworm.

The image gallery in the game’s site has elected to drop the little descriptive blurbs that prior artwork previews granted. Those now fall under the game’s Twitter account as it continues to drum up interest in the survivalbox and contextualizes some the imagery for those unfamiliar with the ’80s sci-fi cokefest that is the Dune films and books. Whether it’s on social media or a website, there are new in-game pretties to look at, or you can just check out the gallery below instead; the website’s gallery is a bit of a mess.

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