Old School RuneScape invites players to discover the Secrets of the North today


The Mahjarrat storyline of Old School RuneScape continues today as the Secrets of the North update is live with a new master level quest that invites players to “form an uneasy alliance, dig up secrets best left buried deep, and walk away with more questions than answers.”

Naturally, taking on a master level quest will grant impressive rewards including big chunks of XP for several skill lines and access to a repeatable solo-only boss that can drop new loot in the form of the Venator bow and an Ancient Icon that can be combined with the Ancient Staff to create the Ancient Sceptre. The boss can also drop Ancient Essence that’s required to create the buff-granting Saturated Heart or the magic level-boosting Forgotten Brew.

Other news outlined in this week’s update post includes a release date of January 25th for the Wilderness zone boss rework, upcoming fixes for the Dragon Pickaxe item, and a long list of general changes to the MMORPG overall. There’s a lot to unpack, so fans should probably get to reading.

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