PlanetSide 2 applies fixes for missions and Capture the Conduit, promises additional stabilization in the future


PlanetSide 2 on PC has gotten another one of those fixer-upper patches that isn’t exactly sexy but is no less vital to the game’s overall health, with a whole bevy of adjustments and fixes to the FPS.

Some of the more targeted fixes are for the mission system and Capture the Conduit mode: Missions hand out automatic rewards for completion, players at the currency cap will receive fallback mission rewards, and a new infantry-focused mission is added to the pool, bringing the total daily mission count to seven. CTF updates include more visible flag counts on contested zones, a reversion of Elli Tower on Esamir back to a Control-style base, and a fix for a bug that caused characters to go blind when picking up a conduit while Infravision is equipped.

As for general updates, the patch brings changes to Conquest alert conditions, fixes for a variety of visuals, an adjusted field of view for the VX29 Polaris LMG, and a consistency pass on the settings menu at character creation.

The post closes with word that more tuning of the shooter is on the way in January, with plans to improve anti-cheat, diagnose server issues like those found on Emerald, and further improve Capture the Conduit. Both missions and CTF will also see extra updates applied later.

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