Black Desert PC and mobile prepare for a Woosa and Maegu launch swap


Back at Black Desert’s Calpheon Ball in December, there was a bit of confusion over which version of the game was getting which of the classes and when. We knew the Woosa would launch on PC in December, the Maegu would launch on mobile in December, and the Maegu would launch on PC in January; the Woosa’s mobile arrival was up in the air. As of today, we know the Woosa’s mobile drop is slated for next week – on January 17th – while the Maegu will land on PC “soon.” (In fact, we’ve already written about this week’s events heralding Maegu’s impending arrival on PC.)

Worth noting here is that these characters are being released as part of Land of the Morning Light, which was also first announced at Calpheon Ball; Pearl Abyss is characterizing that content drop as a full-on “major expansion,” though we don’t have a hard launch date yet beyond “first half of 2023.”

The newly launched trailers are below!

Source: Press release
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