Star Trek Online offers new methods for players to donate Duty Officers to fleets

In a box.

The Duty Officer system in Star Trek Online is meant to represent the many officers aboard your ship who are important but aren’t part of your senior staff. These brave individuals take on difficult tasks, from analyzing samples to fixing the deflector array to being stuffed in boxes and donated to your fleet. No, we weren’t making that up. One of the new fleet donation quality-of-life improvements introduced to the game makes it easier to stuff your Duty Officers in a box and donate them to fleet efforts.

Heck, you don’t just have to donate your Duty Officers to your fleet starbase any more, thus ensuring that said officers can no longer console themselves by getting to walk around on a magnificent starbase! You can even donate prisoners and refugees to things that normally require civilian officer donations. Try not to think through the potentially disturbing implications about the fiction here; just be happy that you can make more use of your Duty Officers on PC already, with console players getting these boosts soon.

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