Path of Exile ties down dates for its next two expansion reveals and the ExileCon event

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Whip out your favorite calendar (or your favorite calendar app because paper calendars are dead now I guess) because Path of Exile has some important dates to share. Specifically, the release and announcement timing for its next two expansions and the hard date for its ExileCon fan event.

The game’s 3.21 expansion will be arriving sometime in early April, with the devs planning something fun for the final month of the Forbidden Sanctum challenge league before then. After that, the month of August will bring on the 3.22 expansion, which will release a couple of weeks after ExileCon.

Speaking of ExileCon, that has been confirmed for July 29th and 30th in Auckland, New Zealand. The event will officially unveil the aforementioned 3.22 expansion as well as several announcements for Path of Exile 2, including a date for its beta test. The team at Grinding Gear Games is further promising more in the lead up to the sequel, so fans should keep their eyes peeled and set their calendar app fingers to tapping.

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