Former Wildstar devs call Wayfinder ‘the second coming’ of the sunsetted MMORPG

It's fine, everything is fine, this is fine.

Are you excited for Wayfinder? Good for you because it’s more fun to like things than to hate on them. You know who else is excited? Some of the former devs of Wildstar apparently, as the game’s May early access release announcement brought forth some glee out of the sunsetted MMORPG’s lead devs.

The conversation was kicked off by former producer Stephan Frost on Twitter, who admitted that Wayfinder has had his interest enough that he was hoping for a new update out of the co-op title. This elicited a whole host of replies by game devs and MMO fans who noted the art style and even logo style of the game had a very Wildstar feel. However, the most effusive exaltation came from former creative producer Chad “Pappy” Moore, who went so far as to call Wayfinder “the second coming of the greatest MMO of all time.”

As a reminder, those who are just as interested in Wayfinder as anyone else (on Twitter or otherwise) can put their name into a hat for a playtest that begins tomorrow, February 28th, on Steam, or wait until the previously referenced May early access launch.

source: Twitter (1, 2)
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