RuneScape launches a new Yak Track with fancy pets and applies oodles of quality-of-life updates


Would you like some fluffy friends to join you on your RuneScape adventures? Sure you would. Luckily, there are some very good animal companions waiting in the newly released Yak Track, including a regal cat, a handsome spaniel, and one extremely sturdy-looking pack yak. There’s some cosmetics for humans to wear too, but pets are the real deal. The track has 70 tasks waiting to be completed, meaning this one will run longer than normal, ending on May 15th.

The rest of the MMORPG’s newsletter calls attention to lots of quality-of-life updates applied in the latest patch: The Ninja Strike team has improved the lighting of the Raksha arena, several improvements to Icthlarin’s Little Helper have gone live, drop tables and Hunter experience for Croesus saw a rebalancing, and some earlier reported quest list filtering updates are available among other things. There might not be much in terms of fresh content, but refinement of existing things is also good. Also, pets.

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