The Division 2 finally releases Season 11 with new manhunts, items, and PvP quality-of-life updates


After two particularly gnarly delays, the long-awaited Season 11 for The Division 2 has finally come online this week, introducing all of the seasonal content players likely expect as well as a few noteworthy adjustments.

The Reign of Fire season brings four monthly manhunt targets for players to take down between now and May that lead to the prime target of Stovepipe, an apparel event for March, four different leagues, and four global events on deck. Naturally, there will be new items to find like new exotics, new gear sets, and three new named weapons.

For those who like fighting others in the Dark Zone, Season 11 also heralds a number of quality-of-life updates including letting lower tier players use the jammer skill on enemies three tiers higher than them, fixing the shrapnel trap’s damage output, and the addition of three exotics that were previously only available from other specific sources. Finally, the patch applies a host of fixes for various matters within the game, all of which are outlined in the patch notes.

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