Star Trek Online plans its anniversary celebration for console players on March 14

Dread? Not!

The 13th anniversary festivities for Star Trek Online are arriving for console players on March 14th, even though the game has not actually been available on consoles for 13 years at this point. But you roll with the environment, and in this case the environment has you stabilizing Omega Particles. Or taking part in new patrols, or taking part in the new task force of the Bird Cage, or even just clearing the new episode. There’s a lot of stuff to do for the anniversary, in other words.

Why will you do all of these things? For the warm fuzzy feeling of advancing the cause of humanity? Heck no, you’ll do these things to unlock a new Compiler science dreadnought to fly around. That’s the big reward, you see. There are other rewards as well, though, including a new party popper as with every anniversary, so console players are encouraged to get in on the fun once the event starts up next week.

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