Multiplayer spy movie team shooter Deceive Inc. makes its full release on PC and console


If you’re looking for a competitive FPS that doesn’t appear to put its foot on the deathmatch gas pedal too much, then you might be the kind of shooter fan who’s up for what Deceive Inc. is offering, especially if you dig on ’70s-era spy movie kitsch. Readers might remember that we first caught wind of this last August, but this week the shooter is now available.

In Deceive Inc., teams of three players select one of eight different secret agents, then kit them out with unique gadgets to blend into the surroundings or set traps. Speaking of blending in, all characters can transform themselves into NPCs, while all teams have the ultimate goal of getting into a vault and getting out first. While deception is certainly one of the tools, there are gunfights that can be had, which is where each agent’s distinct weapon and style come into play.

The game has a release trailer available for viewing for those who are curious, while the game can be played cross-platform on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam or the Epic Games Store.

source: press release
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