Albion Online nerfs battlemounts, resurrects rare old skins for new referral season


Hot on the heels of yesterday’s forward-looking dev video, Albion Online is pushing ahead with another patch, though don’t get too excited as the major features Sandbox Interactive teased in that video aren’t actually arriving today.

Beyond the Veil Patch 7 is primarily a bug-fix and quality-of-life release. It tweaks multiple interface features, including the market, guild logo creation, item icons, the minimap; a combat balance pass on spears, armor, and helmets; and a pass on battlemounts that are intended to get people to stop cheesing battles with them and fight on their feet as intended. Sandbox also reiterated that post-Albion East, the referral system will swap to monthly seasons and see the return of old skins.

“With these two changes, players will be able to also get older skins. Important to note: the order of skin re-run will not be the same as the original release order [and] we will not re-run skins that we promised would be exclusive, i.e. anything released before April 2019, which is everything that was released before the White Tiger.”

The change, first announced in 2022, was the subject of controversy among the playerbase, though Sandbox never promised the skins would stay exclusive forever; while newer players are excited to get a crack at the older skins, veteran players who enjoyed the artificially high value of their now-rare mounts (and didn’t sell them last year) will see those values fall. In any case, it’s happening as of April 1st.

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