RuneScape brings back its Easter-themed Spring Festival this week and preps the next Fort Forinthry quest


The spring season and its related holidays are in the air of RuneScape this week as the game’s latest patch has brought back the Spring Festival once again. This year’s event randomly spawns maps to Lost Easter Baskets for players to find, which can award things like bunny ears for pets, Easter eggs, or the basket item itself, along with two other things from a list of goodies.

Of course, there are other event quests for players to take up once again this year, like gathering up spring tokens, taking part in clue hunts, and fighting a giant butterfly. On the subject of spring tokens, those can be used to buy a host of thematically appropriate cosmetics and XP boost items. The newest patch also brings back the Frank’s Free Chests event, opens a new Treasure Hunter calendar, and makes some general improvements.

While players can enjoy some Easter fun this week, Jagex is already looking ahead to next week, when the next quest in the Fort Forinthry line goes live on April 10th. Unwelcome Guests is mostly about the Slayer skill line, bringing four new Slayer targets to take down, which can drop new trophies that provide buffs, increased rewards, and the chance for a rare new two-handed magic ability to drop. The fort’s construction will once again make an impact as well, as players will be able to put together a guard house to further buff the Slayer skill.

Players should note that access to this next quest requires Slayer level 10, Construction level 50, a subscription, and completion of New Foundations and Murder on the Border to Tier 1. If your character meets those prerequisites, then prepare for more beasties.

sources: official site, press release
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