Valheim developer offers a brief preview of several difficulty options and manual build piece snapping


“Are your ready for hardcore mode in Valheim? …or do you prefer something more chill?” These were the Twitter questions posed by the survival sandbox’s lead dev Jonathan Smårs, who also offered a preview of several upcoming difficulty options that look to cover a broad range of player preferences.

This new world modifiers UI, which appears to be accessible when starting a game, has six preset options that range from easy to hardcore, along with a “hammer mode” that reads like sandbox mode and an “immersive mode” that eliminates portals and maps to force players to use their wits and their own sense of direction to navigate the world.

On top of these six presets, there are additional sliders that can be moved to tweak things like combat difficulty, resource rate, the frequency of raids on buildings, and the death penalty, which effectively changes whether items are dropped and how much skills get reduced, as well as toggles for things like build cost or enemy aggression.

Smårs also offered a look at manual control for building piece snappng, which should grant base builders of the game more control over the arrangement of things like floor pieces and floor supports. Neither of these previews has an arrival date, unfortunately, but they are very clearly in the works.

source: Twitter (1, 2, 3) via Rock Paper Shotgun
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