Tencent’s World of Warcraft clone, Tarisland, plans global rollout


The vacuum created by World of Warcraft’s closure in China back in January created an opportunity for a new title to fill that void: Tarisland by Tencent. With dragonriding, stylized visuals, and about 75% of WoW’s class line-up, this is the most blatant of clones — and a clear play for the affections of abandoned players.

And while Tarisland was originally slated to be a WoW substitute in China, Tencent announced plans to roll it out to the rest of the globe in the next month or two. The company said that it’ll arrive with cross-platform play and without pay-to-win elements.

Tencent launched a website for Tarisland that includes signups for a beta (the date of which has yet to be revealed). The studio said that it’ll be conducting a number of these gradually expanding playtests in the future.

Source: Reddit, Tarisland
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