Multiplayer tactical battler Spellcraft recounts its first public alpha, maps a second test for June 19


The beginning of April saw Spellcraft, the “real-time battler” from studio One More Game, begin its first alpha test (aka Preseason 1). Now that testing is wrapped up, the devs are taking stock of feedback and planning what’s next for the game’s testing rounds.

The studio’s post notes that many players were enjoying their time in Spellcraft and further talked up its ability to put out updates and patches on a daily basis in order to respond to player input. A given example of this flexible patch cadence focused on how the bleed mechanic – which was a part of the game’s design for two years running – was removed wholesale after reactions and data showed it was imbalanced.

This first public alpha was focused primarily on 1v1, but the next test will have a team-based mode front and center to let friends team up together. Incidentally, the devs are considering what to do with a 1v1 mode later, but the post does point out that Spellcraft was always meant to be a game enjoyed with friends.

As for when this next Preseason 2 test will begin, that’s scheduled during the upcoming Steam Next Fest, which runs between June 19th and June 26th, with plans for smaller ad hoc tests between now and then for existing players. OMG does admit that the timing for this next public test is “aggressive’ and that things might slip, so updates will be shared as the weeks move towards the month of June.

Until then, followers of the game can read the studio’s thoughts as well as check out our own interview with Spellcraft’s director.

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