Former ArenaNet founder and former Riot Games dev get $5.7M for their startup studio One More Game


What can you do with $5.7 million? Apparently, beef up your own game studio. Patrick Wyatt, a former founder of ArenaNet and En Masse Entertainment, and Jamie Winson, a former veteran developer of Undead Labs and Riot Games, have come out of hiding to toot the horn of their new game studio startup One More Game, a company that was was founded this past fall but only recently has stepped into the limelight after its new cash infusion.

The company’s MMO development experience doesn’t stop at the top of the corporate ladder, as the studio has hired names like former Guild Wars developer Lewis Mohr, former Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 artist Daniel Dociu, and Nikolaus Davidson, who has worked at companies from Turbine to Wizards of the Coast to The Pokemon Company. One More Game also boasts some big name investors including Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, Super Evil Megacorp CEO Kristian Segerstrale, and En Masse Entertainment co-founder Chris Lee.

According to the interview with VentureBeat, One More Game will focus on online cross-platform PC and mobile games, utilizing what Wyatt calls “alpha driven development,” which emphasizes creating quick alpha builds and getting lots of player feedback to iterate further on those builds. This dev methodology is further explained in a blog post on the game’s website, which goes through its process for creating alphas quickly, iterating on them, and going so far as calling beta a full launch:

“At the commencement of beta our game should already be highly reliable so that our development team is in position to respond to the needs of the community instead of being unresponsive because the team is correcting defects. As the team has already been operating live in front of players for the duration of the alpha test, high reliability and low bug-count should already be a solved problem.”

Specifics on what One More Game studio’s first title is going to be have not been shared, but both Wyatt and the company promise “delightful games.” So it’s really a matter of time.

sources: VentureBeat, One More Game website, cheers Anon and Leiloni!

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Bruno Brito

Aaaaaand, here we go again.


I wish we knew more other than online cross-platform multiplayer, but I have to say I’m excited just because of the people involved. And the lack of big corporate oversight to muck things up (coughAmazoncough) means this could have promise. Only time will tell I suppose!