Star Wars The Old Republic puts Update 7.3 on the public test server


Now is the time for players of Star Wars: The Old Republic players to get their first peek at the MMORPG’s next update and maybe kick its tires to ensure the whole thing works. That’s right, the new content patch, Old Wounds, has arrived to the public test server with a few pieces of its previously announced bells, whistles, and instances.

Specifically, the PTS build will let players check out side missions, achievements, the new Voss-themed rewards, and the Shrine of Silence flashpoint in story, veteran, and master difficulties. Players are asked to provide their feedback on several related threads as well as put in their input regarding class balance and changes to the credit economy.

While testing length itself hasn’t been pinned down at this time, SWTOR fans can head to a central forum thread with all of the necessary links for this PTS round.

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