Fractured Veil answers questions about engine, update cadence, private servers, and representing Hawaii


The developers of Fractured Veil have rounded up several interesting player questions together and shared their answers for the April community Q&A round-up. Here are some of the more interesting tidbits:

  • The game’s Unreal Engine 5 version should be entering testing very soon. Additionally, the update to UE 5.1 will very likely be the last engine upgrade the survivalbox goes through unless a later version of the engine adds wanted features for Paddle Creek.
  • Servers for the game will be in Europe, Southeast Asia, and the eastern and western coasts of the US. There are no details on where these servers are specifically located unfortunately, so draw what conclusions you will there.
  • In terms of testing before early access, players can expect at least one more playtest through Steam, as well as frequent updates to the game heading into its EA launch. After that, update frequency is still up in the air, but the plan is to make updates every quarter or season.
  • The devs have confirmed there are no plans for private servers right now, but they recognize it’s a wanted and successful feature and promise to revisit the idea in the future.
  • Finally, a question asked about easter eggs that people who live in Hawaii could appreciate, which was answered with notes that the game world’s topography is modeled after the island of Maui, that there is a close approximation to Front Street in Lahaina, and word of Paddle Creek’s work with native Hawaiians to accurately represent the island’s culture and add support for the native Hawaiian language.

    “As you may know the native Hawaiian language is endangered with only around 2,000 native Hawaiian speakers left in the world. We’ve reached out to a number of cultural and educational organizations working to preserve the language to see how we could help. Thanks to a member of our community who teaches in Hawaii, we’re working on a native Hawaiian translation that we couldn’t be more excited to complete! We also work with the Twitch Hawaii group whenever we can and have made it a priority to respect the culture and history of the islands.”

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