Monsters & Memories shares updates to UI, backend tech, and locations in latest dev blog


The in-development throwback MMORPG Monsters & Memories has once again put together a progress report for followers and fans to scour, and once more it consolidates a couple of months’ worth of work, pulling together concept art, assets, and technical work completed by Niche Worlds Cult in the past couple of months.

As one might expect, this update post is stacked full of visuals, with looks at character concepts, an updated human male model, and a wide assortment of location screenshots, among other things. The post also grants a look at several UI updates like scaling functions, a new merchant window, trainer windows that show the level needed to gain a new skill, and new confirmation boxes.

Finally, the technical portion of the post grants a look at improved aggro sight lines, Ai state updates, a refactoring of item persistence to ease backend strain, and updates to zone lines that streamlines things for players. It’s another very chunky check-in, so if you’re looking for all of the specifics, make sure you’re comfy.

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