Fortnite’s latest season adds dino riding, Optimus Prime, and the ‘this is fine’ meme

Burn it all.

If that headline isn’t already a clue, the new season of Fortnite that was announced earlier this week has a lot going on. And those are just the pieces that could fit into the headline, as there are other features and items that were brought online with the Wilds seasonal update.

As the season’s subtitle suggests, Wilds will open up a new area in the form of a jungle that was revealed when the center of the island collapsed. This new location not only offers a new biome, but also has distinct features like rideable raptors, treetop perching to get the drop on targets, muddy sections that can be slid on for more speed and grant camoflauge effects, and vines to grind around on for maximum Disney’s Tarzan-ness (except you can use guns and make Phil Collins music entirely optional).

Speaking of famous characters, the newest battle pass has an Optimus Prime outfit among other skins, along with a direct reference to the infamous “this is fine” meme as an emote. Luckily, the comic strip artist KC Green was compensated, unlike performers whose dances that were used as emotes ultimately lost out.

Other features for Chapter 4 Season 3 include flowers that can be shot for various effects; a host of new weapons like the kinetic boomerang, flapjack rifle, the cybertron cannon, and the thermal DMR that features a scope that can turn thermal vision on and off; and several unvaulted weapons including the drum shotgun and combat SMG. Full details are waiting in the update notes.

sources: official site (1, 2), Polygon
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