Forgotten Realms’ Ed Greenwood helms Neverwinter’s 10th anniversary events, starting today


A week ago, we noted that Neverwinter was already gearing up for its 10th anniversary, and Cryptic is not letting this one slide under the radar. Today, the studio announced that the big event starts today, captained by no less than Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood.

“Gearbox Publishing and Cryptic Studios are excited to announce the free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG, Neverwinter, is celebrating its 10th anniversary in celebration of 10 years of exploring and expanding the iconic Forgotten Realms, adventurers can take part in a special version of Neverwinter’s yearly anniversary event, the Protector’s Jubilee. Starting today at 7:30am Pacific Time and ending on June 22 at 7:30am Pacific Time, adventurers can fight alongside Elminster, voiced by Forgotten Realms creator and the creator of the character, Ed Greenwood. In the event, players will take on a variety of missions and earn new exciting rewards, including an Elminster Simulacrum companion.”

The update includes the revamp of the Protector’s Speech skirmish, new daily and escort missions, themed quests, and of course, new rewards – including a new companion (voiced by Greenwood) and a mount (not voiced by Greenwood).

The festivities begin today and end on June 22nd, so you’re going to have to hurry scurry to take part.

In honor of ten years of exploring the Forgotten Realms, the fan favorite event, Protector’s Jubilee, is back with updated content and prizes! Below’s all the exciting content players can enjoy as part of the event running from today till June 22.

Protector’s Speech Skirmish Event – The beloved skirmish has been revamped this year as it provides a fresh experience, including an Elminster Simulacrum companion (voiced by Ed Greenwood, who created the character) that joins in the fights.

Daily Missions – Elminster requests your help in getting Protector’s Enclave ready for the Anniversary celebrations. Each day of the event, Elminster will have a new quest from placing decorations to rousing the celebratory spirit among the locals.

Escort Missions – With Lord Neverember seeking new business opportunities, traders and merchants from across the Sword Coast are making their way to Neverwinter.

Elminster’s Messages – As part of Elminster Aumar’s visit to Protector’s Enclave, he is seeking the help of adventurers to deliver grim tidings to the Harper agents scattered across the Sword Coast. Players will travel to various zones to accomplish missions, speaking to Harpers in the field and have two random quests to complete based on their level.

Anniversary Event Rewards – By taking part in the event’s festivities, you can unearth new epic rewards including these new rewards: Elminster Simulacrum Companion (voiced by Ed Greenwood!), Hand of Neverwinter Mount, Mini Minotaur Companion, Neverember’s Throne and the Entangled Thread Costume Set

Source: Press release
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