Valheim begins public testing of cosmetic features and difficulty options of the Hildir’s Request update


If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you can fight horrible monsters populating a Viking purgatory better. That’s just science, and it’s also what’s (probably) powering the Hildir’s Request update of Valheim, which has made its way to the public test branch of the already early access survivalbox.

The Hildir’s Request update is (unsurprisingly) focused around the clothier Hildir, who will task players with taking on quests to recover her inventory and get access to a whole bunch of dresses, tunics, hats, and even fireworks as rewards. Players will also be able to purchase components needed to craft a barber station to change their appearance at any time. However, unlocking all of these goodies is going to take players across every biome in the game world, so players should be prepared for a challenge.

Speaking of challenge, the update will also add a whole slew of difficulty options that let players change enemy aggression, health pools, death penalties, and more to make their survival experience more hard-bitten or more accessible at any time. The patch also brings new hairstyles, new music, new locations, new mini-bosses, and some quality-of-life tweaks. The patch notes provide more details, though most of them are hidden behind spoiler plates just in case you want to discover things for yourself.

sources: press release, Steam
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