MMORPG sandbox BitCraft concludes pre-alpha, looks forward to closed alpha


BitCraft has been on our radar for a good while now as a solid sandbox MMORPG from legitimate devs who have eschewed any semblance of P2W and crypto or (rarer than you might think these days!), and this week, Clockwork Labs announced that the 10th leg of its pre-alpha has officially drawn to a close – with a real alpha yet to come, a migration to new home-brew server software, the implementation of “civilization gameplay” to elevate the game to true MMORPG status, and the addition of sound and more polish.

“This test was our largest and most ambitious test to-date, and we can say with confidence that we are excited to be moving to our new server infrastructure. It quickly became apparent that we had outgrown our old systems, and needed plenty of room to grow! […] Our game designers had a good look at how well game mechanics and social systems supported interactions between players and how well the game loop retained our players’ interest. This is important to us, because we believe that designing a MMORPG is more than just developing art for people to enjoy over an afternoon, but should create a holistic experience for players to immerse themselves in to warrant investing their time and energy.”

“Many of our rudimentary systems are being completely overhauled to reach a state we believe is deserving of the ‘Massively Multiplayer’ part of MMORPG,” the studio says. And though it isn’t going to be running more tests in the near future, the devs conclude with a note of hope: “We are on our way out of Pre-Alpha and hurtling toward Closed Alpha.”

Source: Bitcraft
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