Neverwinter’s new patch makes abyssal hunt monsters less painful and keeps Demonweb Pits bosses in line


With Neverwinter’s 26th module now out in the wild, the time has come for Cryptic to make a few adjustments to some of the update’s activities as well as some other overall game matters, and that’s just what its latest patch did.

Some of the adjustments made in the patch are specific to module 26’s abyssal hunts, with some nerfs to the effects of certain bosses and monsters, a more informative tooltip for abyssal essence, and the ability for players to return to the Purple Worm hunt arena if they respawn after it’s defeated. The Demonweb Pits dungeon also saw an update that tries to corral bosses in the dungeon from leaving their respective arenas, and certain rewards for abyssal hunts and the dungeon have gotten fixes

The vast majority of the patch manages some overall matters in the MMORPG: The Barbarian class has seen some adjustments to a couple of its skills, several targeted companions have gotten some tweaks, several named items have been updated, and a Realm Engineer Pack from the Epic Games Store can now be properly claimed.

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