Path of Exile promises to bring Crucible items into standard play, but with adjustments


Attention, Path of Exile players! Did you enjoy the Crucible League? Were you wondering what will happen to the items and mechanics from the league when it comes to a close? Or did you expect that it probably won’t go core but some of the mechanics might show up in the future? Because that’s what is happening, as is most common. Not exactly a shock, probably, but at least you get confirmation!

Players can look forward to items moving from the Crucible League into the core experience, although the “Totems Explode On Death” Crucible skill is going to probably get adjusted before it gets brought over. Still, as you ender the final days of this particular gameplay experience, you can take heart that it isn’t all going to vanish into the aether without another mention. Just some of it will vanish into the aether, ne’er to be seen again.

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