Corepunk will finally open testing in September: ‘The most interesting exchanges are about to start’


When last we checked in on Corepunk, we noted that the MMORPG had been delayed at least five times, owing heavily to the fact that its Kviv-based staff had been quite literally under siege over the last year and a half. At the time, studio Artificial Core released a dev update explaining that it still needed hefty optimization passes on the front and back end of the game, hence the lack of beta. But this week’s update finally declares that the testing will get underway in September.

“It is now time to let early adopters play it and give some honest feedback,” the studio writes. “This September, we will let a small group of our community playtest the game. We’re curious to hear firsthand impressions on the early game, on open-world fog of war, on current game mechanics, and mainly on the overall feel of the game. Then we’ll gradually expand access as well as content to many more people as we iron out most fun-breaking bugs to focus on issues that are more visible at scale. […] As rewarding as [past community interaction] was, we think the most interesting exchanges are about to start.”

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