Corepunk has suffered yet another delay but says beta is finally ‘close’


Despite previous promises that it would have a closed beta test running by the end of 2022, Corepunk and its team announced that it’s pushing this phase into the new year. The good news? It shouldn’t be that big a delay.

“We’re not ready to host the closed beta test this year, but we’re close,” the team posted on Discord.

There’s some good news, however: The studio said that it will be showing gameplay footage by the end of December with a focus on resource gathering, crafting, and itemization. “You’ll see how Corepunk looks and plays right now while also get[ting] a feel for the game’s open world,” the studio said.

Players will likely forgive yet another delay for the game as the Kyiv-based cyberpunk-fantasy MMORPG has been in quiet development over much of the year while studio Artificial Core dealt with the effects of the war in the Ukraine. It was originally meant to hit closed beta all the way back in 2020.

Source: Discord
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