Corepunk’s latest progress report video admits that beta testing will not happen this year

These cores require additional punks.

We’re not near “Whatever Happened To” levels of silence with Corepunk, the multiplayer ARPG from developer Artificial Core, but we have had a lull in communication from the devs beyond a 15-minute chunk of PvE gameplay footage and word that the game’s closed beta was delayed from August to December. In the game’s latest video news digest, some bad news is immediately laid out by one of the devs from the off: “We’re behind our schedule.”

The video first notes that further polish of the current alpha build is required to make it a beta build, meaning that beta testing will not happen this year. That said, the video remarks that all of Corepunk’s core gameplay systems are working. December will instead focus on infrastructure tests that will keep the beta humming later, with friends and family tests, bot tests, and external QA teams helping to shake down the network.

“You’re probably disappointed to wait a few more months, and that’s reasonable, but we think that’s the only right way to go for the quality of the game, for our community, and our team. Artificial Core is not a studio with excessive resources. […] Every month of delay is hard on us too, to our morale and also from a business perspective. But we believe in what we do and our vision and purpose.”

Followers of the game can look forward to a report on how network testing went soon, while reports on polishing and beta dates are projected to be shared sometime in mid to late spring. For now, there’s the progress report video available for your viewing pleasure below. Or, in the case of the delay, some viewing displeasure.

source: YouTube
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