Corepunk says beta delay is due to unfinished optimization, but it’s making progress with bots


Corepunk is back in the news today with its May developer update, and with everything this game’s been through – including the evacuation of its Kyiv-based staff last year – we suspect players will just be happy to see movement.

Readers will recall that the game was originally meant to be in beta back in 2020 but has been delayed at least five times now.

“The back end and front end of the game are still not optimized, so that’s the main reason why we have not conducted Beta yet,” Artificial Core says in this dev blog. “But we are working in this direction. We improved our environment for faster feedback with the help of Bots. Their behavior is very similar to that of a player; they can do practically everything the real player can – kill monsters, do quests, craft and gather resources and then craft, etc. And we will continue expanding their abilities even further. But right now we are using this for our load testing of server-infrastructure and automatic testing of the game.”

The blog includes a huge dump of screenshots and clips for the top-down MMO that cover the game’s itemization tooltips and skins, consumables, camps, mobs, and combat animations.

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