Tower of Fantasy’s The Dragon Cove update is live with a new zone and simulacrum


As promised, Tower of Fantasy has been crowned with its 3.2 The Dragon Cove update today, complete with its new storyline, new character, new bosses, and new map.

“With the 3.2 updates, the storyline in Joltville takes a thrilling twist, featuring unique regions like the bustling Tianhe Bazaar, the tranquil Tingyun Space with its mystical creatures and lush bamboo forests, and the enigmatic Crouching Tiger Cave with its hidden depths,” Tencent and Perfect World’s Hotta Studio say. “Keep an eye out for the beloved pandas in Tingyun Space, where Wanderers can interact with and feed these adorable creatures while creating lasting memories. Adding to the excitement, the update introduces a unique method of traversal, The Blade of Azure. By completing specific tasks, adventurers can unlock the power of The Blade of Azure, granting them the ability to soar through the skies of Joltville.”

The game is still pretty fresh on the PlayStation, having launched there list a month ago; Hotta tells PS5 players to expect upgrades to cursor movement, controller hints, and refinements for the communication wheel.

Source: Press release
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