Tower of Fantasy highlights founder’s pack goodies and the Sector 9 region ahead of August 8 PlayStation launch


Readers already know that Tower of Fantasy will be making its free-to-play launch on PS4 and PS5 on August 8th (without cross-platform play, much to the devs’ consternation), but if you really wanted to hit the game with your wallet sight unseen, Hotta Studio was more than happy to take your money as of this past June. And now it’s highlighting the unique shinies players get for doing so.

The new trailer spotlights several “pre-order” exclusives that come inside of the bundles: The standard edition gives players currencies, materials, consumables like fried chicken (in-game not IRL, regrettably), and a monthly pass, while the deluxe and ultimate editions offer other goodies like a spiffy-looking race car, a unique outfit, PlayStation avatar cosmetics, and a two-day head start.

The shared world RPG is also calling attention to June 27th’s Eastern-inspired Domain 9 area with another PlayStation-specific trailer showcase that focuses on the update’s added story elements and the paintbrush-wielding character Liu Huo. That trailer and the cosmetics showcase can both be seen below the cut.

source: press release
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