Wizard101 rolls out multiple teases for a new Wallaru location over the weekend


What is Wallaru? Where is Wallaru? We’re not sure, but we do know that it has something to do with Wizard101, as the MMORPG has been kicking out daily teasers over the weekend that are hinting at this presumed new area for players to visit.

The game’s Twitter account and Steam news page are all directing fans to a bespoke website for the new area, which thus far is focused on sharing tourism posters and encouraging players to sign up for a newsletter. The teaser site also asks fans to keep their eyes peeled for more news, teasers, and details.

All we can really guess from the artwork shared so far is that Wallaru is basically magical Australia judging by the boomerang in the logo, the overall Outback aesthetic, and what looks like kangaroo people in one image. Until we learn more, there’s a bunch of tourism posters to check out now, or fans can join in on the Reddit-based speculation.

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