RIFT reruns the Unicornalia event over the weekend, sure why not


The bafflement of RIFT continuing to twitch enough to not be presumed entirely dead continues, as the MMORPG has seen another of its events rerun this past weekend in the form of the Unicornalia event.

Players in the game were able to take on four different daily quests to collect chaos motes, which could then be turned in to get a wide assortment of candy flavor unicorns including the Cotton Candy Unicorn, the Grape Gum Drop Unicorn, and the Blue Raspberry Unicorn, among several others. Players should be aware that licking the unicorns is not advised, especially since they may taste just like raisins instead.

Regular readers know that RIFT bringing back events isn’t exactly news, but it is another strange bit of support for the dormant Gamigo-supported title, the strangest of which being a random celebration of Steam’s 20th birthday. Regardless, there was the opportunity to get candy unicorns until this Sunday.

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