Fallout 76 previews Atlantic City: Boardwalk Paradise’s factions and locales


Fallout 76 fans eager to head to post-apocalyptic Atlantic City have two choices: They can either literally go to Atlantic City in real life right now, or they can go there in Fallout 76, which might be safer. That’s a joke.

But the arrival of Atlantic City: Boardwalk Paradise in the game on December 5th isn’t a joke, and Bethesda has been preparing video deep-dives teasing just what players can expect. Today’s entry in the video series covers everything from the biome and quests to the factions and allies.

“It’s a lot more run-down,” lead quest designer Josh Moretto, who is himself a native New Jerseyan, says of the game’s version of the new location compared to reality. “The glitz and glamor of America’s Playground is somewhat worse for wear.” Atlantic City actually “weathered” better than most areas after the game’s nuclear war because it had no military or strategic value, so it has functional power and water and even leisure activities like casinos – and now it’s a hub for various factions, including crime families.

The PTS for the update – updates, really, as this a two-part update – opens tomorrow on October 3rd through Steam.

Source: Press release
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