New World discusses the changes made to Influence in its second iteration

Tonguin' done.

There’s just a few hours left to go until New World’s Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, so why not spend a chunk of that time… watching a video about New World?

The latest episode of Forged in Aeternum is all about influence and why the first version didn’t work. Social features lead Dan Henuber is joined by season lead Patrick Smedley and game designer Rachel Barnum to explain the changes, and it starts by outlining why the system didn’t work. The simplest reason? It led to guilds wanting to not fight against gains of influence because wars were fun, so no one wanted to prevent the game mode from occurring.

There were two major goals when the second version was in design. The first was to encourage people to get involved in world PvP so that defenders actually had a reason to go out and fight back against enemy players, and the second was to ensure that defenders didn’t feel like defending led to actually getting hit with punishment. And the addition of reward caches for pushing influence, as well as mechanical changes and scheduling, will hopefully drive that home. Check out the full rundown in the video below, and then get ready for the noon expansion launch.

Source: YouTube
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