Lost Skies showcases creatures, materials, ship progress, and player-built islands


The past couple of weekly dev blogs from the airship PvE sandbox Lost Skies have both been kind of similar in terms of format, but even so, those who are keen to get every single little granular detail from Bossa Studios every single week are being well fed once more. So much grain.

Each dev blog is broken up into categories that show off character art, UI design, creature design, and ship building, each with different looks at things like insects, birds, new materials, UI elements, pieces for puzzles, barrels, and outfits. The posts also provide updates on other in-progress items like pre-built ships, weapons, ship components, and existing materials.

Perhaps most interesting of the lot, however, is the addition of player-built island previews, which showcase the islands created by players within the open development community. Many of these crafted locales appear to be simple places of aesthetics and exploration, but two of the most recent previews have gameplay features like dangerous conditions to navigate in order to find loads of scrap or a puzzle to re-engage a fuel station at the risk of angering the local population.

source: official site (1, 2)
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