LOTRO delays Corsairs of Umbar to November 8, talks 4K upgrades and new legendary servers


It’s a sword day, a red day, a Q&A day for Lord of the Rings Online! Executive Producer Rob “Severlin” Ciccolini appeared on this past Friday’s livestream to tackle a bunch of questions about the projects SSG has in store for this fantasy MMO.

Ciccolini announced that the Corsairs of Umbar expansion is already getting a delay, as the team is moving its launch from November 1st to the 8th (for now).

One of the most requested features is an upgrade to 4K support, which Ciccolini says is a monumental task as it has to be done panel-by-panel in the user interface. This is a difficult project as none of the panels in the game were ever built to be scalable, so the team has to do those one at a time. SSG is currently evaluating the scope and timeframe of this project, but it is dedicated to making it happen.

Also in the works for 2024 is a new 64-bit test server, an updated launcher, multi-factor authentication, and a some sort of new legendary server. He did lightly address some other projects, such as the gradual work to remaster avatars and using a new team of “kick ass graphics engineers” to improve LOTRO’s shadows and shaders “to make the game look better.”

Source: YouTube
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