ARK Survival Ascended still has no release date, but it will have a photo mode


Who needs a solid calendar date for your dinosaur survival sandbox when you can instead have a confirmed photo mode? That’s part of the news out of Studio Wildcard, which still hasn’t tied down a final launch date for its ARK: Survival Ascended. But hey, photo mode! Look at that dino-riffic smile!

Of course the post isn’t just about a grinning raptor; it does further confirm that certification builds for the game were submitted last Monday. “Hang in there! We can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on ARK: Survival Ascended!” reads a related tweet.

In the meantime, ASA’s community newsletters roll forth, with the latest one giving fans a look at concept art for the Dreadnoughtus community creature and heralding a visual update to the official wiki. Neither of these are release dates, of course, so all fans can do is wait and see if Wildcard makes its end-of-October launch.

sources: official site (1, 2), Twitter
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