Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link is a mobile ‘GPS action RPG’ that’s headed for limited beta testing in November


Square Enix is taking a fresh stab at the mobile gaming market. Or considering the IP, perhaps it’s more like taking a fresh swing with an oversized key at the mobile gaming market? We say this because this game is Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link, a self-described “GPS action RPG” headed to iOS and Android mobile devices. See, it’s about keyblades, which aren’t really capable of stabbing. Got it memorized?

The game sees players cast as a Drifter who travels an astral plane that takes into account players’ real-world location (hence the GPS portion and subsequent location requirement), thus letting players “travel the world without stepping outside” according to a teaser trailer. Combat looks about as active as any other entry in the KH series (hence the action RPG part), with players using collected character pieces to empower themselves.

KH:ML is taking applications for iOS and Android closed beta testers in the UK and Australia between now and Sunday, November 19th, with iOS closed beta scheduled for November 29th and Android closed beta set for sometime in January 2024. A total of 3,000 testers will be included – 1,500 for iOS and 1,500 for Android – while other restrictions are detailed in an FAQ section.

sources: official site, YouTube, thanks to BoosterVII for the tip!
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