TERA Console cycles dungeons again, opens Dreadspire Season 5, and balances classes

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The last remaining vestige of TERA has gotten an update once again, with the console version seeing another round of smaller updates compiled into one patch that cycles open dungeons, adds a couple of items, and makes some class adjustments.

The major highlight of the patch is the balance tweaks, which ramps up damage for the Warrior, removes a specific glyph from the Slayer while also buffing its attacks, improves attack skills for the Berserker, improves the Gunner’s speed stat, improves the skill speed for the Brawler, and makes Valkyrie resource earning a bit quicker.

Other features of note in the patch include the start of Dreadspire Season 5, which now starts on the instance’s deventh floor; new teleport scrolls in the specialty store; a few bug fixes; and the expected cycling of open and closed dungeons, all of which are detailed in the notes.

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