Neverwinter details Spelljammer’s updates to boons, the Paladin class, and several UI elements


It’s easy to get lost in the sauce of Neverwinter’s upcoming Spelljammer module being mostly about riding the titular airship around areas of Wildspace, but there are some other things to note for players of the MMORPG, especially those who favor the Paladin class or spend points on boons (which is probably everyone), as the incoming patch will be making some important adjustments to these features.

The post leads off with Paladin updates that are designed around making the class more engaging at the lower and mid-levels. To that point, Paladins will be getting a replacement of the Bond of Virtue with a healing power, a tweak to the Oathkeeper’s Emissary of Warding feat that splits its benefit to all Oathkeepers while the other half comes from the feat itself, improvement to the Justicar’s Intimidating Presence feat, better healing overall, doubled auras, and less “jerky” blocking animations.

As for boon updates, Cryptic notes that it’s not able to make a complete overhaul to boons and boon points, but it is letting players purchase more than one master boon and more than two Tier 5 boons while strengthening “unappealing” master boons. Across all of these updates are promised bug fixes as well, so Paladins and boon point spenders should find some things within their spheres of interest.

In addition to these, Cryptic is previewing additional changes to the UI, which include refinements to the queue group UI along with highlights for those within your team, the next phase of improved floating damage numbers, more centralized floating numbers for DoTs, and combined icons for damage states.

source: official site (1, 2)
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