Star Wars Galaxies Legends checks in with dev progress on heroics, deep space comms, and City Update 2.0

They're not attractive spaceships.

If you’ve been wondering what’s on the horizon for the Star Wars Galaxies Legends rogue server, then you’re probably going to care about the most recent developer’s diary post, which has offered a little progress report for some likely wanted features for the MMORPG’s emu.

The post opens with confirmation that balance testing has begun for the new heroic encounters that will be part of Jedi Theme Park part 2, which reads like testing will take some time as the rogue server operators note that “more tweaking has to be made, and testing will continue.” The test server is also preparing to take on the final tests for City Update 2.0, which readers might remember was mentioned back in August 2022.

The devs also claim that deep space comms features are “development-complete,” with current focus now aimed toward adjusting minor mechanics, implementing some of the reward items, adding new ships, and testing the balance for token rates and item cost to ensure “a rewarding and lasting system.”

Finally, the post closes out with nods to work on prioritized senate resolutions, hiring more developers, and improving systems and background tools that help keep track of things happening with the server and the game overall. What’s not noted is a timeline for these features, but work is happening all the same.

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